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how did you two meet?

When Sophie Fleur and I (Eva) are sitting next to each other, we are often asked how we became the Spice Girls. After which we both laugh, as we are both pretty bad at telling stories in a nutshell. Our friendship goes waaay beyond spice and love for red lipstick

I first got to know SF - years ago when I was eating at BAK restaurant with a friend. We were completely pampered by an extremely charming and energetic waitress who made me think: 'Wow, what a nice person!' Not soon afterwards I happened to bump into her again at Delight Yoga. Coincidence? I don't believe so. That same day we went for a cup of coffee and it soon led to more coffee and endless conversations. Which later turned into natural wine, fancy schmancy food and even bigger exchanges of soul stirring stories. From where a deep yet dynamic friendship blossomed. No matter where we were in the world - wandering yoginis with eternal wanderlust and worldly curiosity - we always kept in touch. From Australia to India and from snowy New York to sunny Uruguay.

From Australia to India and from snowy New York to sunny Uruguay

Coincidentally, around the same time last year, we both settled down again in Amsterdam "Hey, you're back!" As if fate brought us back together again. And here we are, sitting at our dining slash office table, constantly pinching each other that we've really started this Spice adventure. HOLY SMOKE, let's spice up our lives! Your life! Everyone's life! Are you with us?
Sophie Fleur
Sophie Fleur is an Amsterdam-based freelance food writer and (social) media marketer who thinks everything tastes better with lemon. She worked for Ahold (BOON magazine en Savory in NYC), Mitra, Etos and other culinary clients.

In her spare time she moves her body in pretzel shapes and teaches others how to do the same. She has a special talent for making short stories longer and shares recipes nobody asked for. After finishing her studies in art- and architecture history in 2016 she decided that her hunger for the arts should come second, and spice first.
Eva Dusch
Eva is a freelance journalist and writer whose work focuses on lifestyle and human interest. Her work has been published in several (wo)men’s lifestyle magazines. In 2019 she found her true calling (as she feels it): Ayurveda. That same year she started studying for Ayurveda Practitioner Trainee at the Delight Academy in Amsterdam. She now offers personal nutrition & lifestyle consultations.

“Doctor literally means ‘teacher’ in Latin. And that’s how I see myself when I’m treating patients. Education on health is SO important and that’s what I’m aiming for. As a practitioner ánd writer. Our Western medical system is really failing on that side. There’s so much beautiful knowledge about what nature can do for us, yet it’s mostly disregarded in the West. Ayurveda is about supporting life in the broadest sense. To take care and support ourselves so we can do the same for others.”
Have you ever opened a cookbook, looked at the ingredient list, saw more than 3 spices and put the recipe away again? Spices are complicated, at least, that's the common misconception when you start to talk about spices. They have a mysterious and daunting image.

However in all those years cooking - and hella lot of failing - with spices we have never been injured. Have you? Biting marks, scars? Not really, right? So nothing to be scared of. In all honesty, we might have burned them a few times, more than a few, but let's call that the beauty of the process. Spices are a process, a journey, and a true lifestyle. You are invited to join us on this road of re-discovery.

Our mission is to share our enthusiasm for spices and rediscover their value. How? By looking at ancient rituals, myths, Ayurvedic practices, and most of all, our everyday lives. We want to make people aware of spices in the same way coffee has gained popularity over the last decade.

Our mission is to share the value of spices by looking at ancient rituals, myths, ayurvedic practices, and most of all, our everyday lives.

We started this platform in the midst of the Covid19 turmoil (March 2020). Out of love for spice and the excitement to share the valuable insights and golden nuggets of information we gained throughout the years about these tiny seeds and colorful powders, that store just as much intelligence and wisdom as the trillions of cells in our body. But it’s in the way you store, prepare, cook, mix and LOVE them that reveals their true superpowers. Superpower? Yes, subtle superpower, like the Beyoncé and Frank Ocean kind.

We learned from traveling, eating in all corners of the world with people from all corners of the world, and by watching our gurus and role models, reading books, tapping from online sources and dating spicy lovers. Because spice is everywhere and should be everywhere, from your kitchen to your bedroom and in your travel suitcase. Why? Wauw, where should we begin…

...right here, at Spice First. Welcome.
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